How we do it

UK Universities spent £149bn on R&D from 2001-21

Commercialising the State-of-the-art is not the function of a UKU. only 7 out of the top 100 UKU's have a venture commercialisation department fit for purpose. InnVelocity is the missing jigsaw piece to the UKU commercialisation problem.  

We acquire licensed IP from our UKU partners. Technology Readiness level 5 is our baseline. Before  commercial assistance can considered from public funding we forecast the viability to start the innVelocity process to complete the TRL's.

We look in to verticals and evaluate the scale of the disruptor in it's micro market. "Can it go the distance?" We then build a team to progress in to TRL 6 through to TRL9 whilst implementing  a pre-SEED team.

With the Technology Readiness complete, we then build the market proposition for SEED.